58-61 Valley of Sorrows

* Supports 2 parties.

Fields of Valor:
Book: (F-8), (J-9)
Page 1: 5x Velociraptor, 2x Peryton (1220xp/gil)

Target mobs:
Primary: Velociraptor
* Raptor
* Aggro to Sound
* Not Linking
* Weak to Water
* Strong against Fire

Secondary: Peryton (59-61)
* Roc
* Aggro to Sight
* Not Linking
* Weak to Piercing weapons
* Weak to Ice
* Strong against Wind

This is the final leg in the route that starts with Kuftal Tunnel-Cape Terrigan. The Velociraptors here are actually the same level as those in Cape Terrigan, however this time you have the option of finishing a chain on Perytons, which are considerably harder than the Velociraptors. However, because of sparse supply, save the Perytons for either a Chain #4 or Chain #5.

1 comment:

Dorval said...

Bring a WHM or SMN for healer here, not a RDM. You're going to have to deal with Foul Breath from the raptors, which can only be cured with Viruna (WHM main), or Leviathan's Spring Water.

Raptors also run pretty fast, so a puller with shadows is nice :)

Samurai don't do much damage on Perytons, as they resist great katana type of weapons.