67-70 Dragon's Aery

* Mages come with /WHM for Erase recommended.
* Supports 1 party.

Target mobs:
Primary: Bark Tarantula
* Spider
* Aggro to Sound
* Links by Sound
* Weak against Ice

Primary: Darter
* Fly
* Not Aggro
* Links by Sound
* Weak to Piercing weapons
* Weak to Ice
* Strong against Wind

Camp pretty much as soon as you zone into Dragon's Aery. Everything here links, so be careful of pops along the tunnel while you're pulling. Repops aren't that frequent anyway (16 minutes). Spiders are only slightly tougher than the Darters. By now, you should know that Haste does not override Spider Web, so make sure your mages come equipped with a WHM subjob and Erase at the ready. Besides, Curagas from a /WHM will also come in handy when dealing with the Darter's Cursed Sphere.

Barring any attempt at MPK between rival HNM linkshells, your xp should continue undisturbed during a Fafnir/Nidhogg window. In fact, the second campsite is where Fafnir/Nidhogg pops, killing the Darters that fly around the circular room. You will need to exercise some caution at first to prevent links, but once the room is clear, it will be easy going. For obvious reasons however, this campsite isn't viable when Fafnir/Nidhogg's window is open (due to all the rival HNMLS'es), so double check the Dragon's Aery to make sure.

Manaburn parties also work very well here, from around Level 65 to 69.


Seidell said...

My party camped here and it didn't go to well. The group was a mix of 69-71 nin, blm, rdm, whm, thf, drg....it hurt...really bad lol. I wouldn't reccomend this camp til around 71-72.

Alithir said...

Well Seidell, you had a pretty crappy party setup. Anyone starting a party with a thf, nin, blm, rdm, whm, drg, and I'd be out of that party faster than my hands could hit the disband button. Especially if the drg didn't sub war which would mean only 1 voker,(No thanks) In my party, I had a Nin, war, mnk, sam, brd, whm 67-69 and we did fine.