66-68 Mamook

* Treasures of Aht Urhgan required.
* Near East access required.
* WHM required (for Stona)
* NM: Zizzy Zilla

Target mobs:
Primary: Ziz
* Cockatrice
* Aggro to Sight (from 06:00 → 20:00)
* Not Linking
* Weak against Wind
* Strong against Earth

Because of the nature of the mobs (assorted status effects), regular party setups would fare better here as opposed to TP-burn style parties which are commonplace around the ToAU areas.

One thing to take care of is an NM Cockatrice, Zizzy Zilla, which is a lottery pop off the Ziz as placeholders. At 68, your party would probably best leave Zizzy Zilla alone, although since it can be apparently trio'ed by 75s, use your judgement on that one.


sorakirei said...

My weekly static checked out this place on 1/10/07. It turned out to be quite nice for an evening of exp. Party set up PLD/WAR, WAR/NIN, DRG/WAR, WHM/SMN, BLM/WHM and BRD/WHM. Occasional adds due to sight aggro were handled easily. Our puller did make the mistake of getting Zizzy Zilla's attention, but we survived thanks to Invincible and Escape. While Escape dropped us further away from camp than the staging point, the trip back was smooth and uneventful.

Though as always petrification is super annoying even when you have a WHM on the ball.

Khrolan said...

Last night, I drove my party to this camp site to check it out, since it looked interesting (found it on your site/ffxi-atlas camps).

The only portion of it that I found to be inconvenient was the run there, simply because besieged was active and we had to play the good old sneak/invis wearing in 15 seconds game.

Regardless, this spot was great -- it's even better due to the alternatives at this level and the typical "damnit this isn't colibri exp" feeling most parties have at this range.

We were pulling roughly 6-7k per hour with a setup of PLD/WAR, DRG/WAR, THF/NIN, WHM/SMN, BRD/WHM, BLM/WHM. Finding a place to setup is pretty interesting at first, but we eventually settled just south of the south-most marked camp spot on the map. We nestled in the corner, and split enough space for our bard to do their singing thing.

Adds are not a problem due to the mobs sleeping for 8 hours a day (pretty cute) and they don't link normally. Their status effects are somewhat of a pain in the butt but are good to keep your white mage awake. As a paladin tanking, I noticed the the mobs here really didn't have the DPS of most other camps at this level. The Ziz also drop ziz meat and giant bird feathers which our chef and alchemist eagerly snatched up.

As a side note, our Thief hit level 66 here and our Dragoon was already level 65. They were able to create the Light skillchain and we ended up bursting Tornado against these creatures. Wheeling Thrust -> Sharkbite + Tornado Burst = Ziz at 40 percent hp at the start of the fight. We were chaining easily and taking about 7-8 Ziz per 15 minute respawn.

As a side note, I would also suggest that if you're not in a pickup party and your static doesn't mind, bring a stack of hatchets for your puller so they can log while they're pulling. We ended up getting at least 50k worth of wood just by doing this, which we split between party members.

Great spot for 65-67.

Zoltan said...

We camped Mamook 65-67 on 7-7-7. The camp at I-8 is no longer viable. There are puks in the area now and though they are only VT it can wipe your party as an add. The Ziz pop right on camp now. The ridge was okay, but frankly, the experience is better in other areas. The I-8 camp position marker in the middle of the area is just plain WRONG! Thank you SE for ruining another camp.

Corwyn said...

I just tried bringing a party to this camp, and I lost 8k exp, and the whole party died.
I recommend knowing that those frogs are true hearing, and know how everything else aggroes before heading to camp...
We never got started...