25-27 Lower Delkfutt's Tower

* Delkfutt Key required.
* Invisible required.

Target mob:
Master: Gigas Butcher
Pet: Gigas's Bats
Pet Level Range: 27-29
Approximate HP: 230-250hp
* Bat (Triplet)
* Weak to Piercing weapons
* Weak to Wind
* Weak to Light
* Very Strong against Darkness

Other aggressive mobs:
* Gigas (Sight)
* Thunder Elemental (Lightning weather)

Other linking mobs:
* None

Your camp will be behind the locked door on the first floor of Lower Delkfutt's Tower which you need a Delkfutt Key to open. Once you're inside the basement, move into the room where the three nation's ambassadors are held for the Rank 4 mission, where you can find a safe spot to rest down most of the tunnels leading into that room.

You may need to cycle through some mobs here if there aren't any Gigas Butchers around, and there can be more than one Butcher, too. The good part about this camp is that because there aren't any other bats around, you do not have to worry about links, and you can simply maneuver yourself between tunnels to get into a good position to pull.

Watch out for the Thunder Elemental that spawns inside the room during thunderstorms though.

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