21-23 Sauromugue Champaign

* Much easier to look for the BST on chocobo first.

Target mob:
Master: Goblin Pathfinder
Pet: Goblin's Beetle
Pet Level Range: 23-25
Approximate HP: 180hp
* Beetle
* Weak against Ice
* Weak against Light

Other aggressive mobs:
* Goblins (Sight)
* Tabar Beak (Sight)
* Coeurl (Sight)

Other linking mobs:
* Diving Beetle (Sight)

Beastmen mobs in the three areas surrounding Jeuno seem to have a very large roaming area, as big as two whole squares sometimes. Thus, the positions above are rather rough, and it would do your sanity good to take a chocobo from Upper Jeuno first to look for the mob.

Once you've found the mob, you will need to literally stalk it as it walks all over Batallia Downs until it calls another pet, which unfortunately, may feel like longer than normal.

Thankfully, both camps don't really have much in the way of linking mobs, with the exception of maybe a Diving Beetle or two. There are some aggressive mobs that are also found within their roaming areas, although those aren't too difficult to dodge.

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