26-28 Yhoator Jungle

* Key Item: Airship pass for Kazham required.
* Invisible recommended.

Target mob:
Master: Goblin Pathfinder
Pet: Goblin's Bee
Pet Level Range: 28-30
Approximate HP: 230-260hp
* Bee
* Weak to Piercing weapons
* Weak to Ice

Other aggressive mobs:
* None

Other linking mobs:
* None

This camp is very good and very safe, as unless you really go out of your way and bump into the Goblin Smithy around the other corner, this place is aggro-free, except for the Goblin Pathfinder himself. In addition, as there are no Yhoator Wasps in the area, this place is also link-free.

The T-junction that the Goblin Pathfinder wanders around will allow you to move around to pull from the correct angle, just remember to bring some form of Invisibility for your convenience.

Alas, the only drawback to this place is that this is also a regular, 6-man party xp camp, and while lower level parties will stick to the Yhoator Mandragoras, as they move higher, they may take a Goblin or two. If so, kindly ask them to leave the Goblin Pathfinder alone.

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