45-47 Bostaunieux Oubliette

* BRD recommended for Lullaby.
* Supports 1 party.

Target mobs:
Primary: Funnel Bats
* Bat
* Aggro to Sound
* Links by Sound
* Weak to Piercing weapons
* Weak to Wind
* Weak to Light
* Very Strong against Darkness

Camp in the room at the marked location. The point marked "A" is where you drop to after talking to the NPC that lets you through the latch on the upper end of the Bostaunieux Oubliette. Remember to Sneak first before dropping down, otherwise you will aggro the Dark Aspics at the bottom.

Funnel Bats are aplenty down here, and fly around in pairs, so unless your puller is legendary, be prepared for some links (hence, a BRD for Lullaby since it's very difficult to Sleep Bats). An alternate plan is to get a Summoner to "Carby-pull" in the event of possible links, although be prepared for the occasional link even then.

Note that you are actually camping on top of two possible spawn points (albeit, spaced out), so have your puller be vigilant in keeping track of time. The Funnel Bats repop every 16 minutes. You'll have to clear out links at first, but once the place is a little more sparse, you can have a rhythm going to make sure xp flows in continuously and with few links.

For that matter though, this is a rather intense camp. Rest periods are few and far in between, so make sure any "afk"s are quick. The place is also rather dark, so adjust your settings such that you can actually see where you're going. >_<


Cemantics said...

all i have to say is D-O N-O-T G-O H-E-R-E it is so dangerous if you can't keep a constant chain you are out of luck, mobs spawn close to eachother and close to camp, it is also dangerous there due to 24/7 undead, if your going here, better be god.

Reepicheep said...

I am a BRD and I know my game, Lullabys are both macro'd... EASY camp, chain 5 285 no ring. Setup was NIN/WAR BLU/NIN THF/NIN RNG/NIN RDM/WHM BRD/RDM. We rocked that place empty. Had to wait for respawns. BRD + RDM were a good team as Sleep can overwrite lullaby. Also when buffing, keep the slept mob targeted. BRD should pull. Don't go past the hound.

Silver Wing Creations said...

Be careful, as sometimes there will be a BST soloing in this exact camp. BST tend to make good use of these 'out of the way' camps so we don't have to deal with bigger camps. ^_^