60-63 Labyrinth of Onzozo

* Supports 2 parties.
* NM: Ose.
* One WHM or /WHM required.

Target mobs:
Primary: Torama
* Coeurl
* Aggro to Sight
* Links by Sight
* Weak against Earth

Secondary: Goblins
* Goblin
* Aggro to Sight
* Links by Sight
* Weak to Light

Goblin Alchemist (WHM)
Goblin Bandit (THF)
Goblin Mercenary (WAR)
Goblin Shepherd (BST)

This is the popular Torama camp that people typically level off when they hit 60. As such, this place can get crowded at times, and I've seen three parties try to share the same mobs here before. While possible (somewhat), three parties down here is pushing things. I've also seen people xp'ing here until 64 and mages being brought in at 59, which I also disapprove of. 60-63 is what most people think of when you mention this place. If you're camping at the (I-6) camp, take note of the Torama pops very close to camp, although really, the (G/H-6) camp holds two parties perfectly well with little conflict between the two parties.

Somebody on -na duty is required here. Toramas literally spam both Chaotic Eye (Silence) and Blaster (Paralyze), so having someone at the ready to Silena or Paralyna them as soon as possible is very nice. Have whoever's in charge of that macro both Silena and Paralyna, especially since the Paralyze effect is very potent. Fortunately, both moves are single-target only. Chaotic Eye can be avoided by turning around so that you're not facing the Torama when Chaotic Eye goes off. As a WHM here, I actually liked this place since it keeps you on your toes, making you much more of a twitch class. That may, or may not be your thing though. >_<

Toramas pursue by Scent, so Hide does not remove their aggro. If competition is fierce and there are no Toramas around for the pull, Goblins make decent filler mobs to keep the chain.

The Toramas are also a placeholder for Ose, a Coeurl NM that has a chance of dropping an Assault Jerkin. At this level, it'd be better to alliance two parties together to take him down.


Cemantics said...

so, only thing i got to say is this is best place at 58-59 for war burn, wthout XP ring i was getting chain 5 310 xp, by far the best place and also, at 62 war burn if you got a good tank you can kill ose, most thing to worry about is haveing a good whm , if you don't then you're pretty much screwed ( or rdm ) and umm...this place is very frequently a xp spot for gilsellers, no worries they kill so slow and they are usually lvl 65-68. if you are camping on the side camp there is 2 torama spawns watch out for the back ones they are very dangerous but they won't come to a certain point so your safe.

X3 said...

very fun camp for a whm. i enjoy the para and silence. i was thinking it as a side game. mostly i try to cast the na spells right after the torama does. so the tank won't have to worry. and really this is a awesome camp.