39-42 Eastern Altepa Desert

* Supports 1 party.

Target mobs:
Primary: Goblins
* Goblin
* Aggro to Sight
* Links by Sight
* Weak against Light

Goblin Digger (WAR)
Goblin Trader (BST)
Goblin Poacher (RNG)
Goblin Reaper (DRK)
Goblin Robber (THF)

Of all the goblins, you'll probably want to avoid the Robbers, at least until the 41-42 range, since THFs have high evasion.

Camp at the Eastern Altepa Desert outpost. Goblins spawn towards the north, particularly around the oasis. Keep an eye out for undead at night. This camp is one of my personal favourites. Alternatively, you can camp in the little passageway leading to the Western Altepa zone. While that camp is safer from undead spawns at night, there is a Lost Soul that spawns in front which may make pulling back to camp a little tricky.


kharvey10 said...

if you got 41-42 pt with a monk, chain the undead at night

also around the outpost there is greater bird that may walk around the area, its has level range comparable to the goblins, or slightly higher

there is a zoneline due west of the outpost. if goblins get weak, take that zone and there are beetles on the other end that need to be carby pulled.

Ryan said...

This is one of my favorite camps in the game.

* You can Outpost Warp to or from the camp at level 40
* Teleport-Altep is very close

No place you can camp is immune to wandering links, though directly behind the Outpost tent is good.

I've never tried it, but camping South East of the Oasis somewhere might be a linkless camp, and if one PT was SE of the Oasis and the other was West of the Outpost, the camp might support 2 PTs.

Bomb Toss is of course a major problem from Goblins. Therefore, jobs with Stun JA, WS or Spells are very valuable here.

I PTed with a PLD MNK and DRG melee team here recently and we never used TP to Skill Chain, only stun. XP went -very- smoothly this way. PLD (Shield Bash or Flat Blade) MNK (Shoulder Tackle) and DRG (Leg Sweep). Extremely few Bomb Tosses actually got through.

Other good choices are WAR or BST (Smash Axe), DRK (Stun and Weapon Bash) and BLU (Head Butt and Flat Blade).

Ryan said...

As another note, I had absolutely no problem pulling as a MNK with no ranged weapon at this camp.

The Reapers (casters) and Poachers (ranged attackers) will lag far behind you as you run back to camp.