56-59 Gustav Tunnel

* RDM or BRD practically required.
* NM: Wyvernpoacher Drachlox.
* Supports 1 party.

Target mobs:
Primary: Robber Crab
* Crab
* Aggro to Sound
* Not Linking
* Weak to Ice
* Weak to Thunder
* Strong against Water

Primary: Goblins
* Goblin
* Aggro to Sight
* Links by Sight
* Weak to Light

Goblin Alchemist (WHM)
Goblin Mercenary (WAR)
Goblin Shepherd (BST)

These are the last of the Robber Crabs you will xp off (although unfortunately, not the last crabs). However, the area contains both Crabs and Goblins, so xp off both of them.

In the event you pull a Goblin Shepherd, and he Goblin has a pet out, assign one or two party members to take out the pet (a Leech) first. Remember to keep Barfira up when fighting Goblins, and Silence the Goblin Alchemists.

There is also an off-chance a Goblin NM, Wyvernpoacher Drachlox will spawn in place of one of the Goblins. Unlike the other Goblins, he is a Ranger mob, and can use all Ranger abilities, including the RNG 2hr, Eagle Eye Shot. If your party wants to attempt killing the NM, you will probably need to alliance up 12 members of your level to take him on. However, should you manage to defeat him, he has a chance of dropping an Othinus' Bow, one of the best crossbows in the game.

Like the Moldavite Earring, the Orthinus' Bow is RA/EX, so he may be camped by other high-level players hoping to get his spawn.


Kirsteena said...

Take care with this NM - since the rng nerf he has been known to run around for quite some time before someone kills him now...

Lloyd said...

There is a second camp here, at the tunnel at G-9. Fight in the middle of the tunnel, with mages near the Bones side, and melee closer to the Goblins/Crabs. The area supports both of these camps at the same time, unless one camp is really underhunting VT/Ts.

Cemantics said...

iv killed the nm with a 57 PT he is so weak have a nin tank and it set but need 2 good assist. tanks

Anonymous said...

There is a second NM near here. He is not an "NM" in the sense that he does not con as Impossible to Gauge, but he is spawned by the Thief quest for Evisceration. He is a very high level NM, double attack killed me, two hits for 450. Basically if someone starts the quest and then the NM is pulled to near your camp or is zoned by someone, it will come back and your whole party wipes. Kinda sucks about this camp.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, by the way I was talking about Baronial Bat.