67-70 Cape Terrigan

* NIN tank required. (see comments)
* NM: Frostmane.
* Supports 1 party.

Target mobs:
Primary: Greater Cockatrice
* Manticore
* Aggro to Sight
* Not Linking
* Weak against Water
* Very Strong against Fire
* Very Strong against Wind

Camp just outside the Cloister of Gales, and work on the Greater Manticore. Occasionally, a Sand Cockatrice will be in the way, but they are very weak, and are more road bumps than anything.

Greater Manticores however, have a move called Riddle that is AoE Max MP Down, so for this reason, you don't want a Paladin tank on the Manticore. Keep the mages well away from the Manticores.

In addition, they have some very damaging single-target moves, like Deadly Hold, so a Ninja tank is practically required here. Heat Breath is a high-damage (~500 damage) directional move, so try to keep the mob facing the tank, with as little people standing behind the tank as possible.

There is also an NM Manticore, Frostmane that is a lottery pop from the Greater Manticores every hour. He isn't too difficult to kill, if your party is fairly high level (all members about level 70), and drops a Lockheart, which sells for a prety penny. ^^


cares said...

This is one of the spots where Dual WAR/NINs shine even more.
Manticores hit so insanely slow that even really bad WARs would have no problems blinktanking it.

Vaala said...

Just a note on Frostmane...

He's a pretty common occurance, is lvl 80 and will often get in your way. So I'd be prepared to fight him if you come here. Our party of 68/69 took him out with little difficulty, assuming you stick slow from NIN or RDM and the NIN is adamant about shadows. Deadly Hold can and will one-shot a NIN (1150+).

Get Slow and pay tight attention, and this camp is awesome

Daba Myroad said...

Went to this camp today and I must say, this is waaaay better than Boyada Tree interms of EXP. For one thing we managed to spawn Frostmane twice, but decided to leave Frostmane alone on his 2nd pop after we found out that Bibiki just became deserted (hours earlier it was jampacked).

My gripe on Frostmane (and all the Manticores in particular) is that their Deadly Hold can really make you slash your wrists if you're in the mage side of the PT. Frostmane's Deadly Hold did 1500 damage on the NIN, and what's funny is that our NIN died twice, because he was casting Utsusmi just as Frostmane did it. So that's once from a normal Manticore for 700 damage, and one from Frostmane for 1500 damage.

If you're gonna party here, make sure you bring members that aren't the type that like to point fingers and blame.