53-56 Boyahda Tree

* RDM or BRD practically required.
* Supports 2-3 parties.

Target mobs:
Primary: Robber Crab
* Crab
* Aggro to Sound
* Not Linking
* Weak to Ice
* Weak to Thunder
* Strong against Water

Primary: Knight Crawler
* Crawler
* Aggro to Sound
* Links by Sound
* Weak to Ice
* Weak to Thunder
* Weak to Darkness

The Robber Crabs in the Boyahda Tree are just slightly higher level than the ones you will find in Kuftal Tunnel. As usual, these crabs love to spam buffs, so having a RDM or a BRD is even more important because of both mana refresh and Dispel.

There are four main hillocks that are found on the lower floor of the Boyahda Tree, as marked on the map, and each "section" of the lower floor has two hillocks, each supporting one, or two parties each. Personally, I've felt that the mobs were a little sparse with two parties in one section, which is why I say this place only supports two parties, maybe three.

Each section also has a tree on an island with about two Knight Crawlers. You can xp off those as well if Robber Crabs are a little sparse. The good thing is that since crawlers track by scent, they lose aggro on you through water, so even though the crawlers will link, you will probably still be able to pull anyway and the "moat" surrounding the tree will deal with the linked crawler for you.

One problem with the Boyahda Tree is that you cannot cast any AoE spells while in here for fear that you might accidentally hit any one of the link-tastic Mandragoras or Rabbits in the area. Also, if you're in the more south-easternly section, watch for Aquarius should he spawn.


kharvey10 said...

since the update where they rearranged the mobs in that zone about 6 months ago, they added more water elemental pops alongside the lakes. the mobs must be pulled with anything but magic, and safely pulled deep onto land. don't have mages sit adjacent to the lakes, have them get as far away as lake as possible.

ggrapple said...

BST Duo camped @ H-11 works noce here 60-62. Conver your camp room to DC-EM(60-62), and pull just to the Room just to the north. 2 pets will take out crabs, crawlers, or bunnies with no problem. Just have one person pull and fight in H-11 so pets dont despawn. Bunnies AoE sucks if they spam it have stoneskin up. About 3.5k an hour no ring.