45-48 Crawler's Nest

* RDM or BRD advised. (for Dispel/Finale)
* WHM suggested (for Erase/Haste)
* Supports 1 party.

Target mobs:
Primary: Rumble Crawler
* Crawler
* Aggro to Sound
* Links by Sound
* Weak to Ice
* Weak to Thunder
* Weak to Darkness

Be careful when crossing the "doughnut" in the lower levels of the Crawlers Nest as pretty much everything there aggros to either sight or sound. Rumble Crawlers have a long repop time, so this place only really supports one party.

Your RDM may not necessarily be 48 for Haste, so have your White Mage handle Silk Thread via either Erase or Haste.


Kazuhite said...

Also, the room near the Strange Apparatus can hold 3 camps fairly well. Two in the main hall, and one near the apparatus.

Shefki said...

You can also camp them on the other map as shown here:

Note that when you first get there you'll have a lot of mobs so you'll have to be careful. However, with a good party you can keep it cleaned up pretty well. If you run low on mobs you can maintain chains by using Wespes.

Also note that the dot is where you probably ought to camp. The long tunnels have Wespes in them that aggro to sight. The short dead ends will have crawler pops in them. But you can just sleep them or use a timer to know when you'll have repops.

Ayrlie said...

the northern room is that you kill all the crawlers, invis past the wespes, and then kill off the dragonflies, repeat. mages need to watch out for elemental pops in the dragonfly room. most of the time the wespes are being killed due to the fact they are PH for a NM. Don't attempt to kill a wespe unless you get aggroed by one - their final sting move will ignore all forms of defense, never miss, and damage is based on the mob's remaining HP. They often kill chains. dragonflies are a little stronger than the rumble crawlers.

acid bolts will dispel Cocoon, and they usually proc on crawlers.

Its possible to chain rumble crawlers with just 4 people, such as 4x BST with eft or lizard jug pets, or 3x BST and a RDM. Hate will bounce around but most of the time they will stay on the pets.

on the south map, blazer beetles and scorpions are used to maintain the chain, but ninja tank is needed for the scorpions due to their 2 potential one-shot moves. they have two other moves that can wipe shadows and a paralyze breath attack (based on its HP).