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9-11 Valkurm Dunes (Hill Lizard)
12-14 Meriphataud Mountains (Hill Lizard)
12-14 Maze of Shakhrami (Maze Maker)
13-16 Valkurm Dunes (Snipper/Damselfly)
12-14 Buburimu Peninsula (Snipper)
14-16 Buburimu Peninsula (Bull Dhalmel)
14-18 Korroloka Tunnel (Land Worm)
16-19 Buburimu Peninsula (Goblin/Shoal Pugil)
16-19 Valkurm Dunes (Goblin/Beach Pugil)

18-21 Sauromugue Champaign (Diving Beetle)
19-22 Qufim Island (Land Worm/Clipper)
20-23 Lower Delkfutt's Tower (Goblins/Gigas)
21-23 Carpenter's Landing (Diving Beetle/Shrieker)
21-23 Qufim Island (Clipper/Greater Pugil/Gigas)
23-25 Korroloka Tunnel (Clipper/Greater Pugil)
24-27 Yuhtunga Jungle (Kazham zone)
26-28 Yuhtunga Jungle (Goblin Furrier)
26-30 Yhoator Jungle (Yhoator Mandragora/Goblin)

27-31 Yuhtunga Jungle (Sahagin/Makara)
28-31 Bibiki Bay (Marine Dhalmel/Raven)
29-31 Rolanberry Fields (Evil Weapon)
29-31 Sauromugue Champaign (Evil Weapon)
30-33 Sea Serpent Grotto (Ironshell/Ghast)
31-33 Yuhtunga Jungle (Soldier Crawler)
30-35 Eastern Altepa Desert
31-34 Bibiki Bay: Purgonorgo Isle (Alraune/Toucan)
32-35 Garlaige Citadel
33-36 Behemoth's Dominion (Lesser Gaylas/Greater Gayla)
34-36 Eldieme Necropolis (Gazer)
34-38 The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah (Lesser Gaylas/Ogrefly)
35-38 Crawler's Nest (Worker Crawler)
36-38 Yuhtunga Jungle (2nd-tier Goblins)
36-39 Yhoator Jungle (Worker Crawler)

37-40 Crawler's Nest (Nest Beetle)
38-40 Yhoator Jungle (2nd tier Goblins)
38-41 Gustav Tunnel (Bat/Hawker/Goblin)
38-42 Misareaux Coast (Bigclaw/Makara/Diatryma)
39-42 Eastern Altepa Desert
40-43 Crawler's Nest (Soldier Crawler/Hornfly)
41-44 Western Altepa Desert (Desert Beetle)
42-44 Crawler's Nest (Labyrinth Lizard)
43-46 Labyrinth of Onzozo (Cockatrice)
45-46 Yhoator Jungle (3rd tier Goblins)
45-47 Bostaunieux Oubliette (Funnel Bat)
45-47 Quicksand Caves
45-48 Crawler's Nest (Rumble Crawler)

45-50 Garlaige Citadel
47-50 Crawler's Nest (Dragonfly)
48-50 Garlaige Citadel (Banishing Gate #2)
48-50 Quicksand Caves (Helm Beetle/Antica)
50-53 Boyahda Tree (Bark Spider)
52-55 Kuftal Tunnel (Robber Crab)
52-55 Uleguerand Range (Variable Hare/Uleguerand Tiger)
53-55 Ro'Maeve (1st-tier Weapons)
53-56 Boyahda Tree (Robber Crab)
53-56 King Ranperre's Tomb (Dire Bat/Armet Beetle)
54-58 Wajaom Woodlands (Lesser Colibri)
54-60 Bhaflau Thickets (Lesser Colibri/Aht Urhgan Attercorp)
55-58 Caedarva Mire (Marsh Murre)
56-58 Attohwa Chasm (Monarch Ogrefly)
56-59 Gustav Tunnel (Robber Crab/Goblin)

56-60 Cape Terrigan (Robber Crab/Velociraptor/Terror Pugil)
56-60 Kuftal Tunnel (Deinonychus)
57-60 Pso'Xja
58-61 Valley of Sorrows (Velociraptor)
59-62 Wajaom Woodlands (Puk)
59-63 Aydeewa Subterrane (Defoliator)
59-63 Monastic Cavern (Orc)
59-63 Uleguerand Range (Nival Raptor)
60-63 Quicksand Caves (Antica)
60-63 Attohwa Chasm (Tracker Antlion)
60-63 Labyrinth of Onzozo (Torama)
61-64 Aydeewa Subterrane (Aydeewa Diremite)
61-64 Bibiki Bay (Tragopan)
61-65 Bhaflau Thickets (Colibri/Date Eruca)
62-64 Cape Terrigan (Sand Cockatrice)
62-65 Boyahda Tree (Processionaire)
62-65 Ru'Aun Gardens (Flamingo)
62-69 Mount Zhayolm (Magmatic Eruca)
63-65 Uleguerand Range (Demon/Fachan/Tyrannotaur)
63-66 Boyahda Tree (Steelshell)
64-66 Den of Rancor (Cloister of Tides)
65-68 Boyahda Tree (Elder Goobbue)
65-67 Bibiki Bay (Catoblepas/1st-tier Hobgoblin)
66-68 Den of Rancor (Tormentor)
66-68 Mamook (Ziz)
66-69 Boyahda Tree (Darter)
66-69 Gustav Tunnel (Skeletons)

67-70 Cape Terrigan (Greater Manticore)
67-70 Dragon's Aery (Bark Tarantula/Darter)
67-71 Kuftal Tunnel (Ovinnik/Greater Cockatrice)
67-70 Bhaflau Thickets (Marid/Chigoe)
67-70 Wajaom Woodlands (Marid/Chigoe)
68-71 Bibiki Bay (Catoblepas/2nd-tier Hobgoblins)
69-72 Mamook (Spinner)
69-72 Ro'Maeve (2nd-tier Weapons)
70-75 Bhaflau Thickets (Mamool Ja staging point)
70-75 Bhaflau Thickets (Nyzul Isle staging point)
70-75 Caedarva Mire (Lamia Idolator/Heraldic Imp)
70-75 Mount Zhayolm (Ebony Pudding)
70-75 Mamook (Sea Puk/Mamool Ja/Skoffin)
70-75 Uleguerand Range (King Buffalo)
72-75 King Ranperre's Tomb (Undead)
72-75 Lufaise Meadows (Abraxas)
72-75 Caedarva Mire (Heraldic Imp/Spongilla Fly)
72-75 The Shrine of Ru'Avitau
73-75 Mount Zhayolm (Hilltrolls)
73-75 Uleguerand Range (Kindred/Smolenkos/Molech)
75++ The Garden of Ru'Hmet (Ix'DRG)

Bold: Camps that risk possible overcrowding.
Italic: Incomplete, or untested. Feedback will be much appreciated. ^^

Contact: tuufless.taru(AT)
Last updated: 18th January 2007 (Update history).


Strawberrie said...

Nice idea, Vagus is always "checking online" for a good camp. Now he can check here. :P

Batsuoj said...

Hah, lets try this again! -.- Nevermind the deleted post before you!

Heyo, stumbled upon your site ^-^ I've tried some things that you didn't have listed, or at least I didn't see them. ^^;; forgive me if I'm repeating something. Most of these I tried about a year ago with my old set PT, so I'm sorry for a lack of great info.

Norg zone: I can't remember the lvl range, but it was around 31-33. Went very well actually. Every now and then we ran out of things to kill. The ghasts gave us occasional trouble. A monk would help. ^-^ Having the zone nearby was great.

Eld. Necropolis: Think its around 36-38. Enter from Bat. Downs @G-8. You fight Gazers, Silence is needed and its needed often. A nice alternative and getting more popular I see.

Yhoator Jungle- 38-40. I think 40 was pushing it a little even. Your target are crawlers right at the tele-yhoator crystal. Probably the quickest camp to get to ingame, heeh. The XP was good, and pulls quick.

Ro'Maeve zone:I don't remember what lvl range we were for this one either, its around what you stated on the {Help me out} entry, like 54-56. Like most weapons, they're linktastic and love the mages something fierce. As I rule I hate xp'in off weapons but its a great alternative if other camps are full. Another problem we had was people headed to sky aggroing something and zoning on us. -.-;

Pso'xja: Love it. Love it. It was amazing xp. Tons of things to kill, not too tough, and they drop the grey/carmine chips needed for PM, and the ENM item. Can't remember the name ^^; I tell people about this camp a lot, its worth the travel! We were 58-60. It would probably be too tough for 57s. The XP was still great as we were all around 60ish.

Floor11 of Upper Delk's Tower, again around 57-59. Gigas and bats mostly. We camped on the stairs leading up to where the higher lvl gigas/magic pots are. XP got slower the closer we were to 60. This is a royal pita if you don't have a delkfutt key, and not nearly as good as pso'xja. The bats used jet stream an awful lot. Overall not recommended, lol.

Well, I hope it helps you. Happy camping. ^-^

tsakiki said...

Thanks for putting all this together! It will be a treasured resource for all of my leveling. :-)

I've partied at some of the areas you don't have posts for and will go through my diaries to see if I have any helpful information.

Paul said...

Wow...please promise to never take this one down!

Awesome resource; this was exactly what I've been looking for. I finally won't have to learn the quirks of exp spots by death & error. Wish this had been out there when my character was in his 40's. Would have saved a lot of time & grief.

Ayrlie said...

i kinda had a guide up several months ago. been rewriting it when i saw yours is what i'm doing to my own guide now.

Kirsteena said...

Tuuf found a great camp in Wajaom Woodlands - K-8 area. Level range of party was 58-59, fighting on tigers and Morbols. All have weak defence, but of course need /whm at least for paralyna spam - and those tigers spam Roar.

Should be ok to 60 easily. I have pictures if you want...

Galatea said...

Wajaom Woodlands I-7 (and others)
Level Range: 67-72
Primary: Marid
Primary: Chigoe

The Marids spawn Chigoes during their TP move. The chigoes are EM-VT but die in one hit usually. I was BRD during this PT so I don't know specifics, but sometimes the chigoes "fall to the ground" and grant no xp, I think you have to do 440 dmg+ for it to chain. Marids have high def. and you want them to spam-spawn these chigoes, so fast melee attacks and fast small nukes (spamming stone 1 was awesome) are best. A WS or tier3/4 nuke will kill Chigoes in one shot. Chains 18+ and a marid when it finally keels over. Marid will spam more as it gets closer to death. Chigoes chain 50-100xp each. Marid use a def boost that you don't want to dispel because you want him to last a long time. PLD THF NIN RDM BLM BRD PT got 8-11k an hour.

Liion said...

Hi, 75 camp in new area Mamook fighting Puks/Mamools/Wyverns in the tunnels etc

Criticalbill said...

Thanks Tuufless and contributors. This is a great site, and oh so very useful. Will be sure to tell everyone I know about it.^^

Liion said...


You start in the tunnel as the Mamools are true sight at the base, usually about 7 before you get to the camp (Beastmen base.)

The first room you come to is J-10 this is the slightly bigger room, i love this camp, though it is designed for a roaming party, usual setup is NIN/NIN/WAR/WAR/BRD & RDM/WHM

This place can support 2 partys you might find yourself waiting on repops if both partys are strong, though 1 can break off and head the to second room to the left.

port said...

Aht Urghan is just a damned feast for xp.

Like to add another camp site, Bhaflau Thickets on regular Colibris. Particularly the camp at, I believe, F-9. The spot on the map marked Aznhibi Watchtower, or something to that effect.

Levels 61-66. They do suffer the same negatives as you would with lesser colibris, i.e. TP wipe and food snatch. But otherwise, simple and fast xp.

Also, at this camp, you can do moving parties. Yesterday, we did NIN WAR WAR WAR RDM BRD, and a COR replaced the BRD halfway through. Chain #5 every time, only thing stopping us from higher chains was TP wipe, as it cut off the speed when the tank would lose hate and a WAR would lose TP.

Any faster, and you'd run out of birds anyway. ^^ Got about 20k xp with no Empress over 2 1/2 hours of fighting. Sanction and stupid repop timers ftw.

If this camp is full, the spot near the entrance to Halvung, directly north of the camp I mentioned has Colibris and Date Eruca, which are similar to the Magmatic ones in Mount Zhayloam.

Bibiki Bay? {Thanks for the offer, but I'll have to pass.}

Daba Mylord said...

Just did the LV29-32 Rolanberry Fields EXP PT against Evil Weapons. Overall it's a good camp (especially when you wanna avoid Altepa Desert like me), but it's slower because it's got less Weapons than those in Sauromogue. Don't worry about it, if you have a good party setup (like the one I was in), the experience will flow in quicker, but don't expect it to be really quick than usual.

Here are my tips/warnings:
1. You will be fighting by a hillside. Instruct your puller to pull your weapons and bring them to FLAT GROUNDS. Never fight weapons by the hillsides because they will run amock like children (as in run very very far, turn around then run back to you), and if there are spawned weapons on the hill, they will link. Don't be surprised when a weapon runs off then come back to the party with a family of 2 or 3 of them.
2. If you have a BLU in your party, do a Reverberation Skill Chain, then tell your BLU to Magic Burst using Cursed Sphere, if he learns it. The damage can go as high as 50+ per MB. Also, Bludgeon and Blastbomb are good offensive spells they can use. If your BLU is lucky they might learn Smite of Rage, just what happened to our's.
3. For WHMs, keep on using Regen and save MP on heals. This is for emergencies when the Weapons use their AoE skills.
4. RDMs, don't use Gravity during pulling. Weapons spawn on hillsides. What happened on ours is when our RDM cast Gravity, the Weapon was walking so slow, it linked with another Weapon that walked close. Use Gravity only when the party is engaged.

Of the three weapon spots (Batallia, Rolanberry and Sauromogue), the Battalia one is the most dangerous IMO. Tigers can aggro your puller if they happen to be close to the Weapons' spawn areas. Rolanberry is the tamest Weapon slaying spot, but it's the slowest and annoying (as I wrote in the tips above). Personally I'd pick annoying over dangerous anytime.

Valyana said...

Just had a good 58-59 party today in Wajaom Woodlands E-8 fighting Wajaom Tigers. Camp at the north end of the central tunnel, pull from north and south. Getting 169 or 189 xp per kill without chain as a 58 member of the party. When we all were up a level, this dropped to 149/169. We did about 7k/hr overall. Party was PLD WAR RNG WHM RDM BLM; it definitely helped that usually Roar only hit the PLD and WAR.

Cloull said...

I'm a 67 PLD right now, almost 68, and I started fighting Marids at 66. I don't recommend doing that at 66 unless you have a really bored WHM friend to PL you. At 67 though, the ease seemed to increase greatly in that Marids took about 10 minutes to kill instead of 15-20, and I still easily got to chain 11. At 67, you can pretty easily keep things going smoothly with 2 Marids, and at higher levels probably just 3 Marids is plenty.

Also, with fighting Marids, it's best to like... tell the BLM that a Chigoe spawned, as they usually hide under the Marid's bulk and are hard to see. A tier III spell will one shot Chigoe unless resisted, at that point you need the War/ or /War to voke off the BLM or the WHM's mp will be spent fast trying to keep the BLM alive. Also, a RDM is pretty nice against Marids because they can back up cast for the BLM. The only reason a BRD is good is that they can help the melee hit the Marid to spawn Chigoe faster.

Not to toot my own horn, but because of the frequent spawn of the Chigoe and their qiuck hit rate, a PLD vs. a NIN is usually the best thing to take to tank Marids, unless your NIN doesn't mind blowing through A LOT of ninja tools.

Kayven said...

Here's the thing on Korroloka:

Great place, virtually uncrowded but usually you'll need to treck. The one time we did this it took us all about 15 minutes, got there, two battles, wiped, all that effort wasted.

Good place for a static but as long as people look in VD predominately, it'll always be out of the way.

Tuufless said...

Transferred from the Bloggaru:

There is a 42-45 campsite in the Crawler's Nest that has always worked out quite well for me. Sometimes it's farmed for money drops, sometimes it's camped by a BST or two, but when there's nobody there it's a really sexy alternative to Soldiers and whatnot, especially since those camps are always packed.

On this map, the camp is the hallway divided by (H-7) and (H-8), your target is Labyrynth Lizards. Lab Lizzies are aggro based on sound, they also link. This camp requires a White Mage for Stona. Also beware of AOE magic, there are sapling type enemies (not aggro) wandering this hallway.

I went to 41-45 there on DRG, WAR, and RNG(prenerf) with a BRD.

-Kaska from Pandemonium

Tuufless said...

Transferred from the Acknoledgementarus:

Hello, I'm Riceboi from Asura server. Recently, me and some LS buddies decided to try exping at Misareaux Coast. Our party level range was between 34-36 and our setup was: Nin/war, Rng/nin, Whm/smn, Brd/whm, War/nin, bst/nin. The position we exped at was located at H-8 and we camped right behind the tower where you spawn Gration. We exped off Orcs(main target), the orc machine thingy, bugards and gigas(we tried to avoid these since their aoe spam can be quite annoying). We all managed to hit levels 37-38 at the end of the exp session and noticed that most of the mobs were vt at that level. I'm assuming the best level(s) to exp here starts on level 33 similar to garliage citadel. I hope this was helpful. =)

Andrew said...

the marid camp in bhaflau and wajaom is very good exp however it can be very difficult without 2 refreshers and a thf blu or ranger etc.. to handle chigoe pops

Wufai said...

Thanks man, I use this site all the time. A little feedback, for the 67-72 Marid/Chigoes they're amazing, absolutely amazing. You hae to have the right party set up though, it doesn't hurt to have a Nin tnak for Marid and a PLD tank for Chigoe, the Chigoe's hundred fist 24/7. We had a Sam or BLM try to one shot them with Tachi: Gekko of BlizzardIII. Gotta be careful because if you kill rhem with crit ws's they don't give exp. other than that yeah, I'm a thief and was VERY helpful with the hate control keeping it on the ninja. Anyways keep up the good work

Telliani said...

Also, for the level 20s.. (Usually I go around level 23, might be 22, exp dies at 27/28).. you can hit the bunkers of Batallia and kill tigers/orcs/goblins :D

Wtfidk said...

Im not sure if anyone responded to this, to lazy to read atm. -.-
But Marid/Chigoe camps 67-72 are best at 67-70. 71-72 the Chigoes tend to not chain. But at 67-70 its amazing exp, put PLD tank on marids melee save TP to burn on Chigoes that drop off Marids. Chain the Chigoes for a 10-13 chain when dropping Marid. Fights are 5-7 minutes long but ive seen 1,300 exp in that time and its alot of fun!
PT set up needs to be PLD (NIN will go down), WHM, BRD(best) or RDM and 3 DD's that can hand out 400+ WS's and have good TP gain. SAM (Best)

Nyito said...

Not really so much as a full party camp, but around 68-70, a Blm, Rdm, Blu, or any job that can dish out damage without taking much in return, at least in the short term can pull a Goblin's pet in Bibiki Bay, near the Catoblepas camp and solo/duo them for more exp than a full pt. Makes for a nice break from the ordinary.

Anonymous said...

Re: 30-33 Sea Serpent Grotto (Ironshell/Ghast)

We did the Norg zone camp 32-33 today. Crabs were easy with Dispel, but Ghasts caused major downtime with all their AoE (Black Cloud for ~120 each, Blood Saber for ~50). Might be good for a Black Mage-heavy party, but not for a melee-heavy one.

Anonymous said...

Bostaunieux Oubliette!

There's quite a lovely camp in a room with a Hecatomb Hound (@H-7). You'll be entering from the East valve of this little room, melee on the bridge and mages sit with their backs to the wall by the valve you entered from. Pull Werebats and Hecatomb Hounds from the West corridor and whenever you run out of those - kill Funnel Bats to the South and the East.

We went here as a newly dinged LV49-50PT, so when the Funnel Bats start to get weak, head on over to this camp instead. At 51 there were very few duds.

Overall I'd have to say this was much nicer than Garbage S*itadel and Quicksand caves.

sorakirei said...

I want to thank you for such an awesome guide. I know I check it out every time I'm searching for a camp. Keep up the great work and I'll try to comment more when my parties try out locations we found here.

A Mithra named Alth Aaiaa (Althaia) said...

Old School hunting grounds...

Tahrongi Canyon: For some lower levels, I remember back when there was the NA release of this game, that people would group up in Tahrongi Canyon. Once you've moved up from the usual Tahrongi Canyon trash, you hunted Wild Dhalmels for good EXP (at least by our standards, lol, you might want to check this) while being wary of the Dhalmel NM. Camps were usually on the edge of those two narrow passageways into the great expanse beyond (which was where the pullers usually pulled from).

Bubumiru Peninsula Outpost: Once you were done there, you moved on to the outpost in Bubumiru Peninsula to group up there for the rarabs and pygmatoi and such. As you might guess, back then, Windurst almost always had that Region under control, so you could set your home point there easily while you hunted. The region is still usually under someone's control, at least on the Bismarck Server.

Valkurm Dunes: Once you were done there, you moved on to the Valkurm Dunes for a few levels, usually.

Jugner Forest: After Valkurm, I remember sitting there, waiting for a party invite when I got a tell from someone who wanted to hunt in Jugner Forest. It's the one connected to La Theine. Well, Valkurm wasn't all that bad, back then, but I still wanted to try something different.

Jugner Forest: We ended up fighting various monsters in Jugner Forest, but mostly beetle-types because they gave the most EXP. At that level, we had to beware of the tigers. Beetles can be found throughout the zone, so we just did some sightseeing as we hunted them. ;)

Jeuno (Qufim): Once we were done there, which I believe was when everyone was Lvl 20 (as we were eager to make our way to Jeuno, many of us for the first time), we got to Jeuno and split up. I probably hunted Qufim next.

So if you have any low-level jobs left, or if someone else wants to try it out to verify this information, there ya go, here's the info. ;) I can tell you that it worked for us Windurstian newbs back when the game saw its North American release.